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You get the chance of interacting openly with the expert panel of speakers. This gives you an opportunity to showcase your views and ideas on the topic of discussion. You can really know all those who participate in the webinar, all the like-minded tech enthusiasts and evangelists- that can enhance your point of reach to newer people in the Blockchain community.

Reach Blockchain community during and after the webinar

As you progress in your Blockchain journey, your need of growing a community of enthusiasts becomes indispensable. Here, with this webinar, you not only get a great deal of learning the latest developments in the Blockchain field but also you will grow in numbers with similar background people.

Immersive discussion experience

A notably good learning experience is when you get to interact with the participating audience in a webinar. This 45-min of the immersive and interactive session will leave you with all the key takeaways along with all your queries and concerns answered.

Our Speakers

Dr.David Utzke

Cryptoeconomics & DLT Expert

Dr.David Utzke

Cryptoeconomics & DLT Expert

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